Heart Desire Belief Wolfpack

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Customer Testimonials

Where do I begin? When Coach Virgil began HDB my son KJ was in the early learning stages of basketball. Virgil had a vision and a heart for young men and boys to get them to the next level,trust God,and built a foundation/brotherhood for a lot of fatherless kids. He has done so much and asked for so little and I could never thank him and the HDB staff for the time,training,talent,and love.HDB is a family and if you're considering enrolling your child, look no further. Today my son looks forward to playing college basketball in a couple of years and HDB has been there every step of the way. Thanks Coach!


Since day one Coach Virgil has been a positive blessing. My 11yr old son LaRon has been training with coach for a few months now and is currently attending the summer camp. When I looked into training for my son it was to get him out the house, off the video game so much, and back active again. Since training with coach he is more physically active and back doing what he loves with a smile everytime. I have already noticed so much of an improvement in my sons talent and capabilities. Not only has this program helped him physically but also mentally because I have saw a tremendous improvement in his grades as well since we started the basketball programs. Nothing but definite positivity, advancement, and blessing within this program. We have tried many teams and trainings and out of them all my son says he enjoys Coach Virgirl's programs the most.


I saw the workouts on Facebook and reached out to Coach about two years ago. My son was only five but it was clear he wanted to play basketball. Robert couldn't dribble with his left hand that well nor could he dribble behind his back. He is now dribbling behind his back, through his legs, and with his left hand! Robert's shooting range has also exspanded! Although, Robert is only seven thanks to Coach Virgil he is confident with his skills and always accepts any challenge. What I like the most about HDB and Coach Virgil is the care he has for not only my child but ALL the children in the program and their families. No matter what is going in his life he finds the time to make sure his players are learning more than just a sport but about respect, education, and everyday life choices. HDB is more than sports and fitness.